Chemical Thrower

A converted Flamethrower capable of carrying different chemicals for different uses

weapon (ranged)

Shots- 10 shots per canister, which are loaded on the side of the gun.
Caliber- N/A
ROF- 1d10
Damage- 1d10/shot if Napalm, 2d10/shot for acid, 1d10/shot Wind if Electric Gel
Range-20 (max)
500 for 5 canisters of Napalm
1000 for 5 canisters of Acid
250 for 5 canisters of Electric Gel

Required hand, Straight


Created by Dr. Eugene Karl, The Chemical thrower has multiple uses, from Personel defence, to industrial, all the way to the more nasty connontations. It is light weight and requires only the knowledge of how to use a flamethrower to use. However, its one draw back is the fact that it has a low capacity, but it should be enough for the average user in need of a quick terror weapon

Chemical Thrower

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